Capitec Bank Savings Account

Capitec Bank Savings Account

Rate at 5.90% p.a*

on Capitec Bank's secure website



The 'Transaction/Savings Account' product has a Monthly administration fee on4.50 and the savings rates vary according to various amounts in theaccount:

R0 � R9,999           4.40%
R10 000 � R24 999 4.50%
R25000 � R99 999  4.60%
R100000+              4.75%

The rate of 5.90% is 1.93% higher than the average 3.97%. Also it is -5.9 % lower than the highest rate.Updated Dec, 2016

Compare Capitec Bank Saving rates

Account NameRate
Capitec Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit7.10%
Capitec Bank 6 Month Fixed Term Deposit6.50%

Compare Saving rates in South Africa

Account NameRate
Investec Prime Saver Savings Account7.23%
African Bank 7 Day Notice Account7.17%
FNB Call Account5.40%


  • Q: I've opened a flexible savings account so I need to know if I can get my salary through this account and can I be able to withdraw money from the flexible savings account?

    ReplyAsanda from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: My company wants me to open an account as I will be starting working for them what thing's do I need to bring

    ReplyAndiswa Qotoyi from South Africa
  • Q: Hi, I'd like to know whether there will be interest added if a group of (approximately 60) deposit R300 each for 3 monthsThank you

    ReplySanele from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: what are your savings account options. what are the requirements for each account.what are the fees attached. and what is the interest rates

    Replyange from South Africa
  • Q: I would like to know about opening an acc with capitec with a linked acc for a savings where I earn interest every month, so I want to put my commission in the linked acc to earn interest but mustn't be a fixed or locked acc. I must have access to this acc if I need it in an emergency. Do you have an acc like this? And what's the fess? So it must be a cheap savings acc with a link acc to save money every month depending on my commission paid every month which would differ, then also two children saving accounts for my children to earn interest while they are still small. And where family can put money in for them for xmas or birthdays?

    ReplyChanene from South Africa