FNB Money Market Account

FNB Money Market Account

Rate at N/A p.a*

on FNB's secure website



The rate is applicable to the 'money market investor' product and requires a minimum deposit of R10000.

from R10 000 to R19 999 1.00%

from R20 000 to R49 999 2.80%

from R50 000 to R99 999 2.90%

from R100 000 and higher    3.40% 

The rate of N/A is 3.88% lower than the average 3.88%. Also it isthe highest rate for this term period.Updated May, 2016

Compare FNB Saving rates

Account NameRate
FNB Call Account5.40%

Compare Saving rates in South Africa

Account NameRate
Investec Prime Saver Savings Account7.23%
African Bank 7 Day Notice Account7.17%
Capitec Bank Savings Account5.90%

Discussion Activity

  • Q: I want to know more about this account because I running a stockvel where moremoney is deposited almost daily and I have to transfer back to whom is getting paid that month. And the notify me is it included? What will be my interest and how much to open that account?

    ReplyPricilla from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: Hi. Can u please provide me with the average fnb money market interested rate for 2016

    ReplyWayne from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: I want to open a money market so that if i need money urgent i cantransfer between my cheque account and my money market...RegardsEste

    ReplyEste from South Africa
  • Q: Hi Can you please provide me with the average money market interest rate for 2015? Thanks

    ReplyMaria from South Africa