FNB Money Market Account

FNB Money Market Account

Rate at N/A p.a*

on FNB's secure website



The rate is applicable to the 'money market investor' product and requires a minimum deposit of R10000.

from R10 000 to R19 999 1.00%

from R20 000 to R49 999 2.80%

from R50 000 to R99 999 2.90%

from R100 000 and higher    3.40% 

The rate of N/A is 3.42% lower than the average 3.42%. Also it isthe highest rate for this term period.Updated Jan, 2016

Compare FNB Saving rates

Account NameRate
FNB Call Account4.65%

Compare Saving rates in South Africa

Account NameRate
African Bank 7 Day Notice Account6.48%
Investec Prime Saver Savings Account6.43%
Capitec Bank Savings Account5.75%

Questions & Answers

  • Hi Can you please provide me with the average money market interest rate for 2015? Thanks

    ReplyMaria Engelbrecht24 days ago