Capitec Bank Interest Rates

Capitec Bank Overview

Capitec Bank is a south african retail bank established in 2001 and is currently listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). It is a provider of consumer banking and business banking services and has a branch network over 400. Its distribution channels for their banking serv... read more

Capitec Bank Discussion

  • Q: I havea balance thatI saw undermy certificateof interest option on thebankingredients do I withdraw or transfer it to be withdrawn

    ReplyH Naidoo from Durban, South Africa
  • Q: What options to draw monthly over 36 months for pensioner over 70 years old

    ReplyTony from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: i want to ask if I invest 4000 that i'll pay for five months how much will it be? after five months.....N I was also wondering if I could invest ten thousand now end of the month but my monthly instalment will be four grand will it work?

    Replyj.k hottie from South Africa

Capitec Bank Discussion Activity

  • Capitec Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: We invested money for a year but need to take out sml portion for an emergency da prob is went to da bank but don't want to release da money dey said must wAit til next year wat can we do cause we need it desperately

    S.g pillay from South Africa
  • Capitec Bank Savings Account - Savings
    Q: I've opened a flexible savings account so I need to know if I can get my salary through this account and can I be able to withdraw money from the flexible savings account?

    Asanda from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Capitec Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Can I cancel my fixed term account before time I have an emergency and need the money urgently.

    zamangwe from Durban, South Africa