6 Month Fixed Deposit Rates

Best Interest Rates on 6 Month Fixed Deposits in South Africa

Deposit Account TypeAPYAccount Details
African Bank 6 Month Term Deposit7.97% Rate indicated is quoted on a per annum basis and is the interest payout on expiry. - ZAR - Aug, 2017More Info
Investec 6 Month Fixed Deposit7.44% Rate indicated requires a minimum deposit balance of Over R1 000 000 to open up this type of acco - ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
Standard Bank 6 Month Fixed Deposit7.40% The interest rate indicated is for the 'Ordinary Fixed Deposits' product but specifically for a f - ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
FNB 6 Month Fixed Deposit7.30% The (effective) interest rate for this fixed rate deposit is for a six month term with- ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
Mercantile Bank South Africa 6 Month Term Deposit7.20% Rate indicated requires minimum initial investment of R1,000. - ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
Nedbank 6 Month Fixed Deposit7.10% For this account the interest rates applies to Nedbank clients younger then 55 years o - ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
ABSA 6 Month Islamic Term Deposit7.00%- ZAR - Mar, 2018More Info
ABSA 6 Month Fixed Deposit6.90% The interest rate for this fixed period of 6 months as indicated requires greater than R 10, - ZAR - Mar, 2018More Info
ABSA 6 Month Prime Linked Term Deposit6.75%- ZAR - Mar, 2018More Info
Capitec Bank 6 Month Fixed Term Deposit6.64% The following Interest Rates are for the Capitec Bank Product 'Fixed Term Savings Plan / Multiple - ZAR - Feb, 2018More Info
Postbank South Africa 6 Month Term Deposit6.45% Rate indicated is based on the 'Term Save' product for deposits of R 10,000 +. - ZAR - Dec, 2016More Info