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Nedbank Discussion

  • Q: can I invest on Nedbank classic credit card and still earn 20,75 % / annual

    Reply joseph from Los Angeles, United States
  • Q: What documents do you need to open any savings account? Please send all detail asap.

    Reply estelle from South Africa
  • Q: i am a non resident living outside SA.ARE THERE BENEFITS OF OPENING A LONG TERM FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNT?E.G CAN I GET A MORTGAGE or loan in future.CAN I STILL BE MAKING MONTHLY DEPOSITS ON A FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNT .and what are the requirements for non residents to open accounts,please respond via email.

    Reply queen from Zimbabwe
  • Q: Need best interest on a long term investment of about R700, 000 Interest to be paid out monthly.

    Reply Anette from Alberton, South Africa
    • R: you advertise 10.6% interest on the radio but I cant find it here, what is your terms to get this interest?

      Reply charles
  • Q: Is there a savings fixed savings account from which one can draw a monthly amount and re-invest the rest of the interest

    Reply Jack from Australia
  • Q: On 3 or 6 months fixed depostis are they flexi - can one draw in case of emergencies?

    Reply Deirdre from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: What is thee present interest rate for senior green bonds

    Reply Henning from South Africa
    • R: Please advise the interest rate on and an seniors green bond for a 60 month term

      Reply Julia
  • Q: do i need to have a Nedbank account to apply for a loan

    Reply tafadzwa from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: Hi I would like to ask if i open a fixed deposit account can i put in money every month and if yes what will my interest rate be. This is when i put in R500 every month. Thank you

    Reply Mary from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: What is Nedbank's rate on green savings bonds for 2, 3 & 5 years? Can the rate be changed after 1 year like SA Treasury bonds?

    Reply Don from South Africa
  • Q: Please advise whether the quoted interest rates for the Nedbank Green Savings Bonds are Nominal or Effective rates. Regards

    Reply Lynn from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: Who qualifies for a bank loan, employed or unemployed individual? Are there any terms & conditions and what's the minimum income required to qualify?

    Reply Prince from South Benfleet, United Kingdom
    • R: employed yes

      Reply karabo

Nedbank Discussion Activity

  • Nedbank Money Market Account - Savings
    Q: What is the money market requirements and interest rate at the moment

    Reply Steven from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: How much is the monthly interest rates on a three months fix deposit

    Reply Goodwin from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: Is it possible to invest for 5 years term then not withdraw and let it run for another 5 years then another five until maybe 20 years.automatic every 5 years

    Reply paulvia from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: like to know what will be my montly payment if i invest 10000 for love to use my interest gains every month if possible or any advice on what would be the best investment plan? Thnx in advance

    Reply Matamela from South Africa
  • Credit
    Q: What is the interest rate on a credit d ordinary card. When is the interest charged on the the balance?

    Reply Christine from South Africa
  • Nedbank Money Market Account - Savings
    Q: what account,which back will give me the best returns on my money investment.

    Reply william from Uitenhage, South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: 1. how much do i need to invest and for what period, to earn a monthly payment of R9,800? 2. how much do i need to invest and for how long to receive an annual payment of R120,000?

    Reply cecil from Durban, South Africa
  • Nedbank 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: would like to invest R120 000 fixed for 3months what would it be and also if its fixed for 1year

    Reply shihaam from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Deposits

    Reply MAUREEN from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Savings
    Q: If i make a R2750 fixed deposit for three years how much will i get in all together with the interest in free tax

    Reply Wisdom from South Africa