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It offers call accounts, savings accounts as well as notice accounts 

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FNB Discussion

  • Q: If I want to save money every monthly payments on other account R1500 ,it could be how much is your interests end of the year?

    Reply Richard from South Africa
  • Q: Please advise where can I get historical interest rates on a normal savings account from 1st Nov 2014 to date? Thank you

    Reply Wendy Craig from South Africa
  • Q: What was the interest rate on small investments for FNB last year around April. I invested R5000 so I would like to be able to estimate how much I can expect next month

    Reply Thobamatswalo from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: Can one use a bank statement from another bank as proof of residence if you don't have any municipal accounts and you stay with your parents?

    Reply Bianca from South Africa