ABSA Bank Fixed Deposit

ABSA offers fixed deposit products including standard fixed deposits, a prime deposit which is linked to the prime interest rate and islamic deposits.

ABSA Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

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ABSA Bank Discussion

  • Q: If i invest 5000 for six months how much do i receive

    Reply kate from South Africa
  • Q: What is the interest rate for R2 000 000.00 for a12 month senior fixed deposit.

    Reply Ray from Kempton Park, South Africa
    • R: if I invest 1,5 million for 5 years what is the interest rates I will get

      Reply fred
  • Q: What bank gives the best interest on R350 000 on a month to month basis and can you draw the interest monthly

    Reply Mercia from Durban, South Africa
  • Q: Do i understand that the minimum required amount to invest in the money market is R1000 000 ? Put it this way - if someone wants to invest R350 000 - R400 000 , Are there options to have access to the fund as long as R100 000 is kept intact in the account? Put it this way, is there an investment where one can get at least 7% to 7.33% interest and have that interest either automatically transferred into a savings account or otherwise . To close off , Im struggling to see the difference in options between "Absa bank fixed deposits" and the money market.

    Reply Karl from Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Q: How much it will be my interest per month if I invest 1000000 for 3 years. ?

    Reply Madile from South Africa