Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

Provider Rate
African Bank 5 Year Term Deposit

Rate indicated is quoted on a per annum basis and is the interest payout on expiry.

5 year
May 2018
5 Year
Aug 2018
Mercantile Bank South Africa 2 Year Term Deposit

Rate indicated requires minimum initial investment of R1,000.

2 year
May 2018
Grindrod 1 Year Fixed Deposit

annual effective rate with minimum deposit of r50,000

1 year
Jun 2018
FNB 5 Year Fixed Deposit

The rate indicated for this product is interest effective and for a medium term period of 5 years or 60 months which is longest maturity option for fixed deposit products available from FNB.

5 year
May 2018
Investec 1 Year Fixed Deposit

The rate for the 'fixed term deposit' product is period effective and for a 1 year or 12 month term. It requires a minimum deposit balance of Over R1 000 000 to open up this type of account. It has tiered rates so this product return can vary depending on amount deposited 'period effective'.

1 year
May 2018
Nedbank 1 Year Fixed Deposit

The interest rates is applicable for clients younger then 55 years of age and interest options include Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly of the deposit. The balance required is R1000 minimum.  Paid Per annum basis.

1 year
May 2018
Capitec Bank 1 Year Fixed Term Deposit

The following Interest Rate for fixed term account is applicable for a term ranging from 7 to 12 months with rates varying by deposit amounts. Product is 'Fixed Term Savings Plan / Multiple Deposits Option' above R100,000

1 year
May 2018
Standard Bank 1 Year Fixed Deposit

- Rate is 'Ordinary Fixed Deposits' for 12 months and for balances from R10 000 to R99 999 with interest at maturity

1 year
May 2018
Postbank South Africa 1 Year Term Deposit

Rate indicated is based on the 'Term Save' product for deposits of R 10,000 +.

1 year
May 2018
What is a Fixed Deposit?

In South Africa, a fixed deposit is a type of investment offered by banks where a customer can deposit for a fixed term of their choosing that can range from approximately 30 days to 5 years. Note these term offerings can differ between each bank. The interest rate return offered by the banks is fixed for the term although it can be different depending on which maturity chosen for deposit.

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  • Discussion

    • Q: If i have an HSBC account can i make a withdrawal in any ATM.

      Reply Charlie from South Africa
    • Q: African Bank is offering an interest rate of 13.73% on a 5 year term fixed deposit which is nominal and interest is per annum and payout is on expiry.. Although not compounded it is still impressive. My question are; Is African Bank , a) stable? ,b) leveraged? How safe is this fixed deposit? Thank you.

      Reply Ashok from Ballito, South Africa
      • R: Yes how safe is this bank

        Reply Dave
    • Q: If I invest/ fixed R1000 for 7 months how much I get

      Reply luaz from Cape Town, South Africa
    • Q: If I invest R1 000 000,00 on a fixed deposit for one month (say with Investec), what return can I expect to get?

      Reply Lil from Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Q: can interest rates be paid monthly

      Reply Alan from Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Q: Enquiry about best interest rate on capital above a million rand's for 3 years

      Reply Bethuel from South Africa
    • Q: i want to know about my fixed amount with capitec bank like how many months left to receive my invest and how many was rate on top of what was fixed

      Reply seleke from Roggebaai, South Africa
    • Q: How I'll earn per month when i invest R100000 for five years

      Reply matimba from South Africa
      • R: How much do you gain if you invest R100000

        Reply Joannes
    • Q: Hi, I was trying to do an analysis on how the interest rates in South Africa have move over the last few years. Will it be possible for you to share with me the history of the individual banks interest rates on some of the deposit products (1 year or 2 Year)

      Reply Harish from India
    • Q: What interest is offered by banks on Tax-Free Investment Account. Or should I say which financial institution will get best returns on a tax-free investment account p/a.

      Reply Jeffrey Mashishi from Johannesburg, South Africa
      • R: What is the best investment I should do with r 500,000.00 for 3 or 5years,then in 6 months to invest another r 500,000.00

        Reply Marino
    • Q: How safe is my money ? e.g Fixed Deposit account at Investec

      Reply Bamidele from Dagenham, United Kingdom
    • Q: what is the montly interest will i get if i fixed 5000 for 2 year

      Reply lucas from South Africa
      • R: There are 2 types of interest. (a) End of Term - payable ONCE and ONLY at the end of the fixed period say end of 12 months or 18 months or 1 year or 5 years. OR (b) like in a 30 day fixed, it's payable every 30 days. (a) means you don't earn compound interest . meaning interest on interest. Example. 1 year fixed without compound, would be calculated like this: 8% divided by the number of days in that year.. lets say 364. (8 : 364 = ..021976 x R5000 x the number of days your money was actually locked by the bank. Example R5000 x .021976 = R1.09.88 per day + your initial R5K = R5400.. But if it's (b) i.e. compounded you would R5000 x 8% for 30 days = R5000 + R32.96 = R5032.96 after 1st 30 days. If you reinvest the R5032.96 for another 30 days etc you will R33.18 + R5032.96 = R5066.14. In short every 30 days your interest is paid, you can reinvest it and earn interest upon interest. Unless the longer investment offers COMPOUND interest (interest on interest) you will be selling yourself short. Trick to it all... is.. just take interest rate quoted (it's all quoted for yearly) then divide it by 364 days, multiply that amount invested and then by number of days invested. Hope all this makes sense. I personally prefer 30 - 90 day investments as then I have more control and can reinvest at higher options if and when they come up. No bank is going to pay 13% compound on a long term fixed deposit. Annunities are the worst performers and what ever you do, don't believe the fantastic figures of endowments linked to insurance such as offered by Sanlam etc. The agent get his commission first and upfront from your lump-sum invested and the balance is then invested. Even if you monitor the endownment with life insurance coverage, yourself, it only pays out about 1/2 of what you expected and make no mistake .. Sanlan has the answers such as, you were covered under insurance and someone had to pay for that, or 'We have no control of what the market does .. at the time of the investment, that is what interested rates were then. Going rule of thumb, if you can get 15% on your investment and inflation remains at 15%, you will double your money every 5 years, providing you can outsmart the investment brokers (sanlams etc) and the bank. Hope you this all makes sense. Property is the best investment world wide you can make .. unless it's in a war zone or neighborhood that is declining. It just keeps getting more and more expensive with fewer people being able to buy property thus forcing rental up.

        Reply Maria
    • Q: How much will I earn on 9000 one year fixed diposit?

      Reply lucas from South Africa
    • Q: how can the banks match rates in order to avoid people running to pyramid schemes companies like eg, MMM,

      Reply kenneth ward from Johannesburg, South Africa
      • R: You could join or start your won Financial Co-Operative. Members decide on the interest spread between loans and deposits. I belong to GIG Co-Operative Financial Institution. See our rates at Financial Co-Operatives are regulated by the South Africa National Treasury.

        Reply Jason Riley
    • Q: How do I work out the interest rate of a fixed deposit of R200 over 12 months on 5.25 interest rate

      Reply anonymous from Johannesburg, South Africa
    • Q: How much wil i get on a 150.000 rand 5 year fix deposit term

      Reply Gideon from United States
      • R: Send me the result

        Reply oria
    • Q: Im a senıor cıtızen wats the ınterest for 5yrs n wats the least amount ı can ınvest

      Reply Radha from United Kingdom
    • Q: where can I get the best rate on a Ri mil investment over a year period

      Reply gerrit from South Africa
    • Q: Best interest rate of investment of R1.95m - compounded for 12 months?

      Reply Mike from South Africa
    • Q: interest rate is the amount you earn/ get on monthly basis when you have a fixed deposit account?

      Reply Vuyani from South Africa
    • Q: Which bank is having a highest investment rate for 6 months or per year?

      Reply Pumza from South Africa
      • R: Bidvest and Grindrod offer the highest rates on fixed deposits of 6 months or a year.

        Reply edith