South Africa Savings Accounts

Bank Rate Type
African Bank 7 Day Notice Account

The rate indicated is annualized nominally and requires 7 day notice to access all or part of funds. Requires R500 and over 

Aug 2017
FNB Money Maximiser Account

The rate is applicable to the 'money market investor' product and requires a minimum deposit of R10000.

from R10 000 to R19 999 1.00%

from R20 000 to R49 999 2.80%

from R50 000 to R99 999 2.90%

from R100 000 and higher    3.40% 

Dec 2017
Investec Prime Saver Savings Account

The Investec PrimeSaver is an instant access savings account that allows immediate access to a funds balance,no monthly fee charges and a premium prime-linked rate that is calculated everyday and paid monthly on the capital balance in the account. The rate indicated is applicable up to Up to R25 000 000 and is period effective.

Dec 2017
Nedbank Money Market Account

Rate is applicable to the 'JustInvest' money market investment account product which requires a minimum deposit of R5000 with R500 deposits can be made any time. Interest is paid monthly and calculated daily.

from R5 000   0.00%  

from R5 000 to R9 999   3.50%  

from R10 000 to R19 999   4.00%  

from R20 000 to R49 999   4.50%  

from R50 000 to R99 999   4.50%  

from R100 000 to R249 999   4.60%  

from R250 000 to R499 999   4.65%  

from R500 000 and higher    4.75% 

Dec 2017
Capitec Bank Savings Account

The 'Transaction/Savings Account' product has a Monthly administration fee on 4.50 and the savings rates vary according to various amounts in the account:R0 � R9,999           4.40%R10 000 � R24 999 4.50%R25000 � R99 999  4.60%R100000+              4.75%

Dec 2017
Standard Bank Notice Deposit Account

The interest rate is the effective rate and this account requires a minimum deposit amount of R250 and must not have a balance of R250. The rate is tiered depending on your account balance and is also highly variable and can change immediately. To withdraw funds you must provide 32 days notice before withdrawing these funds. The indicated rate is for a balance of R50,000 - R99,999.

Dec 2017
ABSA TruSave Savings Account

ABSA TruSave Savings Account aims at high interest for daily account balance R25,000 and over and interest is paid monthly

Dec 2017
Postbank Savings Account

Postbank Smart Save Savings Account is a short term Savings account, so the interest is not very high but gets immediate access to balance. This account aimed at customers aiming at little interest while frequent access to account balance

Dec 2016
Mercantile Bank Savings Account

Mercantile Bank Savings Account is available at minimum initial investment of R50. This rate is for R100,000 and over balance

Dec 2017


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