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Citibank South Africa

Citibank South Africa Locations

Western Cape Locations

Cities : Cape Town
Cape Town Branches
Cape Town Branch 9th Floor Cape Town Convention Tower Cnr Walter Sisulu Avenue and Heerengracht Street Foreshore, Cape Town 8001 021-446 8400

Guateng Locations

Cities : Johannesburg
Johannesburg Branches
Johannesburg (Sandton) Branch 145 West Street Sandown, Sandton 2196 27 (0)11 944 1000

KwaZulu Natal Locations

Cities : Durban
Durban Branches
Durban Branch 6th Floor Victoria Maine Building 71 Victoria Embankment Durban 4000 27 (0)31 310 3000

Citibank South Africa Discussion

  • Q: I have received email from Citi Bank London for a compensation fund they have. Maybe its easier to work with Citi Bank SA?

    Reply Tersia from South Africa
  • Q: I need to make a payment to Citibank Singapore, i dont have a Citibank account and my current bank does not allow me to make this payment. please advise

    Reply Novisha from South Africa
  • Q: i would like to pay using a virtual card (no physical card only card details) to an account holder from another bank. The supplier is not able to use virtual card payments, and their bank is not able to process the transaction. Could this be done at a citi bank branch?

    Reply Marcell
  • Q: I need to know the address of the Citibank in Cape Town. I’ve lost my card here and need another one

    Reply Claudia from Mississauga, Canada
  • Q: where can i find a citi bank in durban

    Reply anver from Pietermaritzburg, South Africa
  • Q: Is Citi Bank Cape Town part of Citi Bank USA?

    Reply Keith from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: Can I open an account in New York City and take the money out in Johannesburg South Africa?

    Reply Martin from Westland, United States
  • Q: I am an American living in Chicago. I plan to go to Cape Town, South Africa later this year. How do I open a regular checking account in South Africa, so I can transfer living expenses into this account on a monthly basis. The account should be in Rand. I would use a debit card (in Rand) to pay bills, and maybe use local checks. (I do not want to incur FX conversion fees every time I use an American debit card.) Any advise is appreciated. Thanks.

    Reply James from Chicago, United States
  • Q: Is there a Citibank branch in Cape Town South Africa ? What is its address? Can one withdraw there money from his account in Citibank in England?

    Reply Ruthy from Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Q: If you want to transfer money for a transfer fee,say natwest uk to citibank sa would it be done bank to bank transfer. thank you.

    Reply peter from Folkestone, United Kingdom
  • Q: I have saving bank account in India and presetly i am in South Africa and want to open bank account and Credit card .Please let me know how to do that . I am in Pretoria presently.

    Reply Santanu from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: I electronically deposited money into my wife account at Capitec and somehow ended up in your institution. Capitec traced the fund and ensured that it would be reversed into my account which still has not reached my account at Nedbank. please assist in the matter

    Reply Dean from Rustenburg, South Africa