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African Bank Limited (ABL) is a domestic bank in South Africa that was incorporated in the country in 1975. It considers itself a specialist provider of personal unsecured credit, which also provides loans, insurance and savings and investments products to its customers. It is a wholly owned subsidi... read more

African Bank Discussion

  • Q: I would like to invest R100.000 to for a period of 5 years how much will be my interests?

    Reply Nthabiseng from South Africa

African Bank Discussion Activity

  • African Bank 6 Month Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Hi I would like to save about R1500 or more monthly for a year and I would like to know how much would I get out with interest after a year

    Reply Saeeda from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: Trying to do a deposit R730000 for one year no success

    Reply Louis from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • African Bank 2 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: on a term deposit is interest paid out monthly or on expiry

    Reply naresh from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • African Bank 2 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I want to invest R50 000 for three years. I want a monthly payout. Do I get a 10.05% intrest rate each month meaning I receive R5 250 each month?

    Reply Cindy from South Africa
    • R: That is the annual interest rate.You will get R418 per month interest

      Reply Deon
  • African Bank 1 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: If I invest R40 000 for one year what will be my interest

    Reply Precious from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: Can the interest on a 2 year term deposit be paid out monthly and does the 10.05% rate still apply?

    Reply ADRIAAN KRUGER from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: R2000 deposit fixed how much a year?

    Reply Ntokozo from Durban, South Africa
  • Deposits

    Reply KOBUS from Centurion, South Africa
  • African Bank 5 Year Term Deposit - Deposits
    Q: I have assets in S.A but I do not have S.A ID How can I obtain a S.A. savings account?

    Reply Mervyn from Walsall, United Kingdom
  • Deposits
    Q: I am in USA, do you encourage 5 yr term investment deposits for foreigners

    Reply Jack from Indianapolis, United States

African Bank Reviews

  • Not a customer but trying to register and get details of a fixed deposit which I want to do for year for R730000. I got no response after requesting someone to call me. Not a bank i would now have confidence with.

    Louis from Johannesburg , Gauteng , South Africa

African Bank Reviews

  • It's because of African Bank's competitive interest rates.

    Jacky from South Africa