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  • Q: I would like to know that if some one out of the country. Send u money for it to be converted to rands I need to be charged a curtain fee?

    Reply sarah from Durban, South Africa
  • Q: Can I make an EFT from my own bank account to a client of your bank. Or can I go direct to one of your branches to deposit money into your clients account... What documents i.e. ID/passport do I need if I come to one of your branches.

    Reply rmhugh from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: If I had an hsbc bank account can I withdraw money at any ATM

    Reply Sylvia from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: I would like to know what all documents would be needed in order for me to open up an account.

    Reply Michelle from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: i'm looking for the HSBC brach in Durban Kwazulu natal, where can i find it? or what is the contact number for them?

    Reply James from Durban, South Africa
  • Q: I wound like to know if someone from a foreign country send u money throw HSBC bank before they transfer it in ur bank account they charger u a Stan amount or its free or the detect it from that money pls I need help

    Reply tshegofatso from South Africa
    • R: some one send me a money but nw this person asking me to pay r20000 rand befor i got the money

      Reply lelwa
      • R: I want to know the same thing

        Reply Roderick Hera
    • R: I would like to ask the same question and is there a arn insurance fee payable to SARB?

      Reply Sonia
    • R: Do I need to pay money to South Africa HSBC bank to transfer the money for me from UK or they are going to didult it from the money they send to me from UK. Pls tell me what I need to do

      Reply Festus
  • Q: Is it legal to do deposits to get money transferred to you from foreign country?

    Reply Khomotso from South Africa
    • R: Did you receive your money after your deposit

      Reply Chris
    • R: Can I pose the same question

      Reply Jasmiena Jansen
  • Q: What is the present rating for your bank (by Fitch/Moodys/Spoor). Thanks.

    Reply PRAKASH from Ottawa, Canada
  • Q: i,am student if i want to open account , can i?

    Reply MUTASIM from Sudan