Capitec Bank Fixed Deposit

Terms ranfg from 6 months to 60 months for single deposit options with multiple deposits options available. Their is a minimum of R10,000

Capitec Bank Fixed Deposit Interest Rates

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Capitec Bank Discussion

  • Q: If I deposit R82 000 for 5 years, what would the interest rate be; a) with interest paid monthly, and how much per month b) interest paid end of term, and how much

    Reply Ignatius from South Africa
  • Q: If I deposit R150000 for 5 years what would my monthly interests be?

    Reply Shana from South Africa
  • Q: If I deposit R1500.00 for 5 years how much will it be the interest

    Reply Aneziwe from South Africa
  • Q: If I fix R1000000 for ten years how much interest will I get per month

    Reply Vusi from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: If I Fixed 16000 for 5 years what will be my interests

    Reply Nomfundo from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: if i make a fixed deposit of 1,2 millioen for 5 years how much intrest per rmonth can i expect

    Reply TOM from South Africa
  • Q: Which bank will give me the best interest 1. Fixed deposit 1 year? 2. Deposit which can be withdrawn at short notice?

    Reply Heidi Ernani Drew from South Africa
  • Q: I am a S.A. citizen and a pensioner and am presently living overseas. What interest rate would you offer me on an investment of R1 million with interest paid annually, and also if paid monthly. I am out of touch with current interest rates.

    Reply Sue from United Kingdom
  • Q: when i deposit my money for 1 year, i get 7.10% per month or i get that percentage after 12 months?

    Reply success from Pretoria, South Africa
    • R: Does the intere paid monthly or at the end of term for ficed deposit?

      Reply Solomone
    • R: How much will I get every month when I fixed deposit R1 million

      Reply Karabo
    • R: If I deposi 5000 for 1year is how much

      Reply Morwesi
    • R: I am 27 I want to deposit my 5000 for 6months how much I get

      Reply Morwesi
    • R: what is is the end of term rate after a 1 year fixed deposit for a pensioner R500 000

      Reply cole