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Nedbank Overview

Nedbank Limited or abbreviated Nedbank is a major bank in South Africa and is a subsidiary of the bank holding company Nedbank Group Limited, a JSE listed South African provider of banking, insurance, asset management and wealth management services. Its history dates back to the 1800s through variou... read more

Nedbank Discussion

  • Q: What documents do you need to open any savings account? Please send all detail asap.

    Reply estelle from South Africa
  • Q: i am a non resident living outside SA.ARE THERE BENEFITS OF OPENING A LONG TERM FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNT?E.G CAN I GET A MORTGAGE or loan in future.CAN I STILL BE MAKING MONTHLY DEPOSITS ON A FIXED DEPOSIT ACCOUNT .and what are the requirements for non residents to open accounts,please respond via email.

    Reply queen from Zimbabwe
  • Q: Need best interest on a long term investment of about R700, 000 Interest to be paid out monthly.

    Reply Anette from Alberton, South Africa
  • Q: Is there a savings fixed savings account from which one can draw a monthly amount and re-invest the rest of the interest

    Reply Jack from Australia
  • Q: On 3 or 6 months fixed depostis are they flexi - can one draw in case of emergencies?

    Reply Deirdre from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Q: What is thee present interest rate for senior green bonds

    Reply Henning from South Africa
    • R: Please advise the interest rate on and an seniors green bond for a 60 month term

      Reply Julia van Heerden
  • Q: do i need to have a Nedbank account to apply for a loan

    Reply tafadzwa from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Q: Hi I would like to ask if i open a fixed deposit account can i put in money every month and if yes what will my interest rate be. This is when i put in R500 every month. Thank you

    Reply Mary from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: What is Nedbank's rate on green savings bonds for 2, 3 & 5 years? Can the rate be changed after 1 year like SA Treasury bonds?

    Reply Don from South Africa
  • Q: Please advise whether the quoted interest rates for the Nedbank Green Savings Bonds are Nominal or Effective rates. Regards

    Reply Lynn from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Q: Who qualifies for a bank loan, employed or unemployed individual? Are there any terms & conditions and what's the minimum income required to qualify?

    Reply Prince from South Benfleet, United Kingdom
    • R: employed yes

      Reply karabo

Nedbank Discussion Activity

  • Nedbank Money Market Account - Savings
    Q: Hi if we have 5 miljoen rand what will our rate and payout amount be? Kind regards

    Rina from Pretoria, South Africa
  • Nedbank Classic Credit Card - Credit
    Q: Hi What are the monthly repayment options for a credit card? ie if I have a limit of R40 000 and have utilized R 20 000 and I am repaying the card monthly, how much will it be?

    Itumeleng from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Savings
    Q: I'd like to know how can i do to download internet banking

    Nozicelo ntsendwa from South Africa
  • Credit
    Q: What is the interest rate on credit balance in a Nedbank credit card?

    Pat Buchan from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nedbank 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Ok so, if your 12 month fixed deposit rate for under 55's is 8,83%, was it for over 55's thanks

    Jose from Boksburg, South Africa
  • Nedbank 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: could let me have the fixed deposit rate for 1 million rand for a person over 75yrs

    Rodney from Cape Town, South Africa
  • Nedbank 6 Month Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Is this product only for: For this account the interest rates applies to Nedbank clients younger then 55 years of age and the period of investment is 6 months. The interest rate options include Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly with the balance required R1000 or over. Interest on expiry (8.83%) . What about older than 65 - with fix deposit of R,1000 000.00 over 1 year?

    Dr Andre Vermeulen from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Nedbank 1 Year Fixed Deposit - Deposits
    Q: Good day, I want to invest R10 000 once off however I was interest paid monthly to my nedbank cheque account. What would be my interest monthly that I would receive in my nedbank current account, ,,,, Please only reply by email thereafter I shall come to branch if interested,

    Zolile Mhiga from Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Credit
    Q: As for credit repayment, is it a must to pay the minimum instalment, within the period 12 months, or can be more than 12months?

    Sello Banda from South Africa
  • Deposits
    Q: I am 60 years old and want to invest a lump sum pension amount . What would be the best investment account for me with Nedbank? Thanks

    Cecilia Dunne from Croydon, United Kingdom